Hammermills Ltd offer a full design service using Solidworks, the latest 3D modelling Software.

We are able to fully model any new design, to determine, at an early stage, any potential issues with new designs. Hammermills Ltd will work with you, the customer from an early stage to set out a full and comprehensive design brief for any new job and ensure that the customer is consulted on all aspects of the project. Using our web site we are able to work collaboratively by posting design changes on secure regions of our site that only our customers can access.
Down stream benefits of modelling are the use of CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) programs, use of these programs allows us to determine exactly what is happening inside an operational fragmentiser.

With a design knowledge of over 35 years the Hammermills Ltd design office is well placed to provide solutions to design issues that will be not only swift to implement but cost effective.


Company Reg : 03508550

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