Technical Data: 

USED - Like New

Ready to work! Only completed a few hours of work with very light scrap. 

Hydraulic Hammer-Pin Extractor 

Remote Control

  • Includes tilting ramp operation control
  • Includes feeding roller operation control
  • Includes hammermill shredder ejection gate opening and closure control 

Weight and Dimensions 

  • Length: 61.00ft
  • Width: 11.50ft
  • Height: 20.00ft
  • Weight: 230,000 lbs

Metal Scrap 

Metal cans

Light Metal Scrap 

Slightly Pressed Metal Scrap Bales

Car Parts

Sheared Cars

Sheared Metal Scrap Bales

Metal Scrap Bales

Flattened Cars

Entire Cars

Other Materials 



Reinforced Concrete

Concrete Railway Sleepers

Mobile Hammermill Shredder 



AI Cans 

Loose AI Scrap

Mixed Light AI Scrap 

AI Profiles 

AI Pipes

AI Sumps

Slightly Pressed AI Scrap Bales 

AI Scrap Bales

AI Engine Blocks

White Goods / Appliances

Small Size White Goods

Medium Size White Goods

Big Size White Goods


Mobile Power Unit 

Undercarriage system 


  • 1200 HP Mitsubishi engine
  • Speed reducer 
  • Open circuit hydraulic clutch

Weight and Dimensions 

  • Length: 26.50 ft
  • Width: 8.20 ft
  • Height: 11.00 ft
  • 55,000 lbs

Mobile Hammermill Shredder Unit

Undercarriage System

Feeding System
Tilting ramp

  • Width: 67”
  • Length: 23.00 ft
  • Open-air length: 15.00 ft

Hammermill Shredder

  • FRZB-1721 Hammermill Shredder
  • Internal Width: 67"
  • Hammers Weight: 230lbs
  • Replaceable grates
  • Equipped with anvils
  • Rotor hammer swing diameter: 82"
  • Raiseable rotor with the upper frame
  • Hydraulically operated ejection gate for un-shreddables 
  • Driven by driveshaft (cardan shaft)

Hammermills Shredder Discharge Conveyor 

  • Reinforced rubber belt conveyor 
  • Width: 47"
  • Length: 18.00 ft
  • Discharge height: 8.50 ft
  • Driven by hydraulic motor 


  • 220 bHP diesel engine 

Mobile Hammermill Shredder: THOR 1721 K 

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